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Industry Avenue is a London-based digital media, marketing, and insights agency obsessed with fashion and lifestyle.

We produce entertaining and visually stunning content that makes brands purr and consumers smile. Our clients gain a competitive advantage in the connected world.

What we do

We combine our astute insights in consumer behaviour with media and commerce to create relevant, measurable, omnichannel content that connects your audience to your brand, encourages engagement and brings you new customers.

Inspiring Content

Our audience is intelligent, responsive, and highly engaged. They love keeping up with the latest trends and are actively looking to engage with new brands and their old favourites.

Engaged Followers

Create awareness, increase likability, and build trust with new and existing fans through exclusive content and promotions they can’t find anywhere else online.

Measurable Results

Increase conversions to the level you want, at a much lower rate than regular marketing. Receive discerning audience insights to continue the conversation on your platform.

Audience stats
Relevant audience
Median HHI
Aged 18-44
Our Properties

temp-logo-300x81We shower our audience with an array of sumptuous video content. From makeovers, how-to’s recipes, travel guides and more. Plus viewers can shop the latest trends as they appear on screen.
Coming soon

ave_studios-1 An in-house creative agency with the ability to activate your brand through powerful, unique content and interactions.

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